International congress
"HIV Infection: Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Preventive, and Prognostic Issues"
VII Vinogradov readings
14-15 october 2015

To participants of the International Congress
«HIV Infection: Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Preventive, and Prognostic Issues»

Dear colleagues and friends!

We are happy to welcome you once again in Saint Petersburg and to invite to take part in the International Congress “HIV Infection: Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Preventive, and Prognostic Issues” (7th Vinogradov Readings). The Congress is dedicated to two events: the 60th anniversary of Yelena Nikolayevna Vinogradova, by whose name the Readings are titled, and the 25th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS and Infectious Diseases.

The time and place of the Congress are settled. It will take place on 14-15 October 2015 in the Congress Hall of Moskovskiye Vorota Holiday Inn, which is located at 97A Moscow Avenue (Moskovskiy Prospekt).

As it has become usual, specialists from Russia, USA, East and West European countries and Central Asia will share their opinions. The agenda of the Congress includes thirty-two plenary lectures and talks and seven thematic symposia and educational sessions to be run in parallel in different halls.

This year, the co-Chairs of the Congress are:

Prof. M.R. Bobkova PhD (Moscow, Russia);

Prof. R. DiClemente (Atlanta, USA); and

Dr. V.V. Rassokhin MD (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

The program of the Congress is broad so that every participant will find an event most appropriate to his/her interests. The schedule of the events is drawn-up in general; however, the Organizing Committee will welcome new proposals as concerns other speakers. In case someone is not selected for an oral presentation, a poster presentation is still possible. The list of posters will be included in the Program of the Congress, be available at the website of the Congress and be published in the journal VICH Infektsiya i Immunosupressii (HIV Infection and Immunosuppressive Conditions).

You are welcomed!

Nikolai Alekseyevich Belyakov
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences
President of the Congress